Whats the Difference between a Balcony and a Suite on a Princess Cruise?


There's a pretty big difference between a balcony, and a suite, on a Princess cruise. The regular oceanview with a balcony is from 233 - 285 square ft., including the balcony. The suites are from 461 - 689 square ft., including the balcony. The suites also have a desk, and sofa bed, 2 televisions, and the bathroom has a tub and shower, where the regular balcony rooms, just have a shower.
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An outside with a balcony
The best place to find information on Princess Caribbean Cruises is through a travel website. These websites will be able to offer aggregate comparisons for pricing across various
I have cruised on the Freedom and found when I was reserving that the ship has balcony cabins that are two different sizes. The standard balcony cabin is 177 sq ft and the superior
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