When a Liquid Thermometer Is Held in Direct Sunlight?


When a liquid thermometer is held in direct sunlight, it will expand due to the effect of the heat on it and the temperature is determined according to the expansion. Usually the liquid in the thermometer is either alcohol or mercury.
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A. thermometer. is not kept in direct sunlight because the temperature needed to be recorded by the thermometer is of the air and not the rays of the sun.
1. Position the thermometer on the north or south side of the building. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west so north side placement can prevent direct sunshine exposure
You should likely edit your question. Some kinds of thermometers are damaged by direct Sun light, but a water thermometer is likely ok to 212 f = 100 c. Neil
The water droplets created by the spray on the plant's leaves can act as minute magnifiers of the sun's rays resulting in browned dead areas (scorch spots).
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