When are W-2s mailed out?


By law, W-2's have to be mailed out by January 31st. You should receive your W-2 by the first week of February. If you do not, contact your employer.
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mailed by Jan 31.
According to IRS rules, employers must furnish the W-2 form to their employees by January 31, even if they receive an extension for filing. A W-2 must be filed with the IRS and Social
Employers are required to send out the W2 by January 31.
As stated on the. Internal Revenue Service website. it is very important for employers to prepare Form W-2 correctly and timely. Employers must mail or otherwise provide Copies B,
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W-2 are usually mailed out by your employer by January 31st. There is no law that states that they must be mailed out by a certain date, but the IRS does not take complaints about missing W-2s until after February 15th.
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