When Asked Are You Bondable What Does It Mean?


When you are asked, are you bondable, it means you are being asked about your criminal background. The person wants to know if you have any convictions. Being bonded means being insured against a financial loss. Sales register clerks are often bonded as part of heir employment agreement.
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Being bondable sometimes determines whether a company can trust you to work for them. Past criminal offenses may determine whether the company will be able to take out insurance for
It's like insurance. You would know if you weren't bondable. You wouldn't be bondable if you had gotten into big trouble for stealing or something like that. That question is usually
Bondable on a job application basically asks if you
Bondable basically means whether or not you have any sort of significant criminal past - whether or not you can be bonded. Bonding is basically insurance through a third party. They
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