How Long after Having Kittens Can a Cat Be Spayed?


Spaying is the removal of both the ovaries and the uterus, and ideally your cat can be spayed a month after the kittens have weaned. This is done so as to allow for the regression of the mammary tissue which has built up from nursing the kittens. Spaying can in actual sense be done whilst the cat is still pregnant.
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Once the kittens are weaned she can be spayed, at about 8 weeks after giving birth.
In your particular case, the vet is right. She is going to get pregnant again, and soon. At 3-4 weeks, the kittens can do without her for a couple hours. And even after she's spayed
About 7-8 weeks. When the kittens are eating food on their own it is OK to spay her.
Cats can reach puberty between the ages of 6 and 12 months but it is better if they have
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