Belly Button Ring Changing?


Belly button rings should be changed after a recommended period of 6 to 12 months.
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You can change your belly button ring when your piercing is healed. The piercing is usually healed enough to change the ring at around 2 months. It is sometimes better to wait longer just to guarantee you won't harm the piercing.
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To change your belly button ring you should lie down on your back. Remove the current belly button ring carefully. Place the new belly button ring on. Keep an eye on your belly button
1. Changing a belly button ring for the first time can be a little difficult. Since it can take three to 12 months for a belly button, or navel, piercing to heal, it will be awhile
You really want to wait for a piercing to be fully healed before replacing it. Keep it clean and dry and it will speed up healing. Naval piercings usually take 3-4 months to heal
1 Take the pin or needle and bend it to form a C (arch). 2 Take the ring securer, super glue, and decorative jewelry. Make sure the ring securer can secure the pin, and that it fits
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There are several steps to consider when changing your belly button ring. Make sure it is well healed and not sore to the touch. Next, remove the large ball and ...
If you have a barbell (curved or straight), one of the balls on either end will unscrew. Simply unscrew the ball to remove the barbell, replacing it with a piece ...
1. Wash your hands and belly button with very warm water and a non-irritating soap. 2. Clean your new belly button jewelry using warm water and a soft soap. Rinse ...
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