When Can My Puppy Go outside?


Your puppy can go outside one week after their second vaccinations. However you should ensure that they are well socialized before this. Also, ensure that they are accompanied when they go outside.
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1. Take your puppy outside on a regular schedule to acclimate it to the outdoors. Let it sniff around and get to know the area. Do not distract it, as the dog needs to find the right
You can take him out in your arms as soon as you bring him home. Don't let him have contact with the ground where other dogs have (or may have) toileted and don't let him have contact
It should be safe for him in your own yard. Does he have to go in the garden? Is there another place you can take him, that is free of stray animals? Some diseases can spread from
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Vets generally advice that it is best to take your puppy outside one week after its first vaccination. After a puppies first and second vaccination their immunity system is strong enough to handle most infections.
The puppy can be allowed to go outside once it has received all the necessary vaccinations. However, during the first few days, one should watch the puppy's behaviour closely and incorporate training in play time.
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