When can you hold a newborn kitten?


You can hold a newborn kitten after two weeks according to a veterinarian. The mother of the kitten can also determine when to hold a kitten if it trusts you.
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you can hold them anytime you want, not just after they are born because the mother might not accept them they will smell like you and she won't nurse them, after that it depends
The closest to when you can hold them is about 8 weeks or at least until they have their eyes open and are walking around good.
1. Pet the kitten to make sure it's calm. A mother cat can be protective over kittens, so take the kitten into another room. Lift the cat's tail with your fingers. 2. Look for the
Yes, If the mother cat is present, handling of kittens should be kept to a
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When can you hold a newborn kitten? It is best to let the mother take care of her kittens for the first 2 weeks. After that, you need to let the mother cat determine if she trusts you. If she looks upset or hisses when you try to touch the kittens, then leave them alone for a while longer.
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