When can you hold a newborn kitten?


You can hold a newborn kitten after two weeks according to a veterinarian. The mother of the kitten can also determine when to hold a kitten if it trusts you.
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some people say the mom will reject the puppies if you hold them after they are born but. that's not true,only the female cat's do that kinda selfish stuff! When the newborn puppy
Not Medical Advice: Newborn kittens should be handled after they have reached 2 weeks of age, and they should be cupped gently with both hands.
Give them a few days and let them bond with mom. But spend time with them and pet their heads and speak in a soothing voice. The more human contact the better. We have had our two
You can hold newborn kittens after they are born and the mother has cleaned them,
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When can you hold a newborn kitten? It is best to let the mother take care of her kittens for the first 2 weeks. After that, you need to let the mother cat determine if she trusts you. If she looks upset or hisses when you try to touch the kittens, then leave them alone for a while longer.
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