When did Bill Gates die?


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Bill Gates is alive.
Bill Gates is the co-founder of the software company Microsoft and is one of the world's wealthiest men. Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft in the 1970s, though Allen left the company in 1983. Bill Gates oversaw the invention and marketing of the... More>>
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Bill Gates is still alive.
In this speech/Q&A of his in 1997 ( http://www.microsoft.com. /presspa. he claims that he hasn't written code that was shipped in 8 years, so that'd be 1989. He doesn't say how
If you mean William Gates of Toonerville, Kansas he died on January 17th 1886. His tombstone in Toonerville cemetery says: William (Bill) Gates. Gone too Soon. Didn't pay his debts.
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Bill Gates is the Co-founder and chairman of Microsoft Corporation. He is currently 55 years. He is still alive.
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