When Did Christmas Trees Start?


There is no definite documented time when Christmas trees started but it is widely believed that they emerged in central Europe in the 15th century as a winter solstice ritual. It is also called a Yule tree, particularly by those who wish to avoid to be linked to Christianity.
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The tradition of displaying decorated fir trees in the home at Christmas dates back to the 1500's in Germany, though decorating the home with evergreen boughs during winter had been done since ancient times in Europe.
Trees and plants that stay green during the cold winter months, such as the fir tree, were believed to ward off evil spirits, and were symbols of life and resurrection.
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they date back to the times of the Romans and druids.
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There are many theories on the origin of Christmas trees. One of the earliest stories relates back to Martin Luther when on one Christmas Eve, about the year 1500 ...
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