When Did John Glenn Die?


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John Glenn, Jr. is alive.
John Glenn, Jr. circled Earth on the Mercury 6 space mission in 1962, becoming the first American to make a complete Earth orbit. John Glenn was a fighter pilot in both World War II and the Korean War. He became one of America's original seven Mercur... More>>
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He is not dead yet.
John Herschel Glenn, Jr. (born July 18, 1921) is a retired United States Marine Corps pilot,
John Glenn is still living. July 18,
John Travolta and Scott Glenn both appeared together in the movie 'Urban Cowboy' The movie also starred Debra Winger, Madolyn Smith and Barry Corbin.
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Former US Senator John Glenn has not died as of December 2, 2012. Glenn was a senator from Ohio from December of 1974 until January of 1999.
John Glenn, the astronaut, has not died. He's still alive at the age of 88. He was born on July 18th, 1921, and one of the astronauts to be the first to orbit the Earth.
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