When did Little Richard die?


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Little Richard is alive.
Along with Elvis Presley, Little Richard helped define the wild side of early rock and roll with sexualized songs and outrageous behavior on stage. Little Richard Penniman grew up singing gospel and blues and began recording in the early 1950s. "Tu... More>>
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Little Richard is not dead!
Little Richard is still alive. He was born 5 December 1932 in Macon...
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The elderly singer became the subject of a March 2014 death hoax, fueled by a Facebook page erroneously announcing his death. His representatives quickly alerted the media that the musician was alive and well, keeping the rumors from spreading any further. This is just one instance in a series of social media-provoked celebrity death hoaxes that include the likes of Celine Dion, Paul McCartney, Eddie Murphy and many other actors and musicians who were very much living at the time of their reported deaths.

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