When did Miss Jane Pittman die?


Miss Jane Pittman is a fictional literary character rather than a historical person, and as such did not actually live or die. The character is the subject of a book and a film both titled "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman."

The novel, written by Ernest J. Gaines, chronicles the life of a 110-year-old slave named Jane Pittman who recounts personal stories from the time of the Civil War through the beginning of the Civil Rights Movement in the early 1960s. Though the stories are fictional, they are based on historically accurate occurrences. The author of the book, on which the 1974 film was based frequently featured in his fiction a strong older black woman who may have been based partially on his aunt, suggests SparkNotes.

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The movie, The Autobiography of Miss Jane
Miss Jane Pittman is a literary not historical figure. She is the product of Ernest J. Gaines who wrote the story as a supposed interview with Pittman, who had lived 110 years. According
who cares? If she was a real person at all, she was just a semi-literate, babbling geezer whose only real claim to fame was drinking out of a honkey-only water fountain. This effort
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