When Did Noah Live?


It is not clear when Noah lived. However, after the flood, he lived for three hundred and fifty years. In total he lived for nine hundred and fifty years before he died.
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The Bible does not mention where he lived. The Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat, which is the only geographical place mentioned in relation to Noah. He most probably resided
The Bible never mentions where Noah lived either before the flood or after the flood. Geological
Noah's age is debated but the Bible implies he lived to be over 600 years old!. Keep texting!
The period between the birth of Noah and the death of Adam was 146 years. (According to Genesis 5 (new Revised Standard Version) Noah was born one hundred and twenty six years after
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The time Noah was born was 2704 BCE. He was the 10th generation. He lived to be 950 years old. In Bible times the year is believed to be shorter than they are now. You can find more information here: http://www.biblestudy.org/basicart/why-did-man-live-longer-before-flood-of-noah-than-after-it.html
Noah was born around 2842 B.C., and died around 2935 B.C. He lived about 35 years after the Great Flood which he is well known for making the ark. You can find more information here: http://www.noahs-ark-flood.com/ages.htm
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The place where Noah lived is not mentioned in the Bible. However, the only known location was at the mouth of Euphrates River where the ark was grounded from ...
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