When Did Poverty Start?


It is hard to answer the question when did poverty start because their are textbook answers, philosophical answers, and political opinions. Around 1963, a Social Security employee was the first person to write about poverty and measured it against the economy food plan for the nation. Philosophers, historians and politicians would all have different answers as to when poverty started. Some date poverty back to the beginning of man. You can find more information here: aspe.hhs.gov
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poverty started before BC and still goes on today. it was even around in the time of robin hood because it says the he 'stole from the rich and gave to the poor' :
In 1964, the War on Poverty began as an ambitious governmental effort to address
I think it depends on how you define poverty, but I'd think that it has been the standard of human existence until probably the 17th century. If you define it as living on less than
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Poverty has been around almost since the beginning of civilization. Since man was expelled from the Garden of Eden and he had to start providing for himself, there has been a division between the haves and the have nots.
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