When did Sega come out?


Sega was first founded in 1940 as Standard Entertainment Games. In 2000 they changed to Sega Corporation. They made their own home video game consoles and games from 1983 to 2001. In January 2001 they stopped coming out with consoles, and focused on making games for other manufacturers.
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Japan October 29, 1988 North America August 14, 1989Europe November 30, 1990
In 1989, Sega released the Sega Genesis at a cost of $199.
The Dreamcast launched in Japan in the final weeks of fall 1998 and launched in the US on 9/9/99.
History. Apple released the first generation iPod on October 23, 2001. Features. When originally released, the iPod featured a 5 GB hard drive, was incompatible with Windows, and
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