When Did the Thames Last Freeze over?


River Thames frost fairs occurred on the Tideway of the River Thames in London between the 15th and 19th centuries. This was when the river froze over. The last frost fair of River Thames in London took place between the 1400 AD in the year 1814. The frost fair began on 1 February and lasted for four days. River Thames froze over 26 times.
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i think it last froze in January 1963.
Someone had jumped off the bridge. Source(s) J.C. Reality.
In 17th + 18th C (Little Ice Age), Thames often froze over in winter. Since temperatures began to rise again in 1814, river has never frozen over fully.
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The last theme freeze was in the year 1963 and it started at Christmas time and lasted through March. During this period there was thick and regular snowfalls and ice and very low temperatures at night.
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