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King Tut may have died of malaria at about 18 years old.
The 1922 discovery of the tomb of the pharaoh Tutankhamen made "King Tut" an instant celebrity and placed him among the most famous of Egypt's ancient rulers. Tut's tomb was broken into by English archaeologist Howard Carter. One of th... More>>
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Tutankhamun died from malaria, a flu carried by mosquitos, complications from a broken leg, a skull disease, that ran in the family, and foot disease.
In 1327 b.c. Here's a little of what I found on the net: "The discovery of Tutankhamun's mummy revealed that he was about 17 when he died and was likely to have inherited the
For a long time cause of Tutankhamun's death was unknown but CT scans in 2005 showed he died of gangrene after breaking his leg. No evidence of murder.
He died in 1324 BC
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It is believed that Tutankhamun died from infections he developed after suffering a broken leg. This was according to scientists who studied his remains, and this conclusion closed one of the oldest cold cases. Some people, however, believed that he was killed.
Tutankhamun became pharaoh at the tender age of 9 and ruled for nine years before his death. Tutankhamun died at the age of 18 and there is no positive evidence on his cause of death. Some theories suggest that Tut had been bludgeoned to death whereas others suggest that he died from a broken leg.
Forensic analysis of Tutankhamun's mummy shows that the famous Egyptian king died at age 18 in 1323 BC. He reigned for around 9 years. Clay seals on wine jars found in his tomb record the king's regal year when each wine was laid down. The highest recorded date is Year 9, suggesting that Tutankhamun died in his 9th year of reign.
Tutankhamun died at a young age of 19 years.CT scan on Tutankhamun showed that the most likely cause of death was a swift attack of gangrene after breaking his left leg.The fracture in Tutankhamun's leg probably occurred only few days before his death. The Egyptian scientists had not found any evidence that he had been struck in the head, as had been previously speculated. Basically, their conclusion was that has died as a result of an accident.
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