When do Apple Trees Bloom?


Some apple trees bloom in early summer, some in mid summer and some in late summer. It depends on what the variety is, and when they were planted. You can find more info at: landscaping.about.com
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Gala apples are one of the earliest blooming apple trees, with blossoms developing in mid-spring. In most climates, they bloom in early to mid-April. Blooms are white with a pink
McIntosh apple trees bloom in mid-season - so the farther north you are the
Dogwoods typically bloom around April 15. th.
Considerations Before feeding your apple tree, consider the soil that the tree is planted in. If your soil has the correct pH, chances are there is no need to fertilize your tree.
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When Do Apple Trees Bloom?
The sight and scent of apple blossoms is synonymous with spring in many areas of the country; however, different apple tree varieties bloom at different times throughout spring and summer.... More »
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