When do elk antlers fall off?


Elk antlers fall off between late February and early May of each year. Older male elk with larger antlers shed them first, beginning in February. The younger males with smaller antlers don't begin to shed their antlers until April or early May.

Male elk begin to regrow their antlers in mid to late spring, soon after they fall off. Mating season takes place in early fall. During this time, male elks gather around herds of female elk, called harems. Elder males often challenge each other and fight over breeding with the females. This is often accompanied by loud high-pitched calls, and the males often ram their antlers against those of another bull as a sign of dominance.

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According to Buckmanager.com, deer shed their antlers after mating season because there is no need for the males to fight for mating rights. Antlers are shed between January and April
Deer, elk and moose lose their antlers in late winter/early spring. Caribou in the fall.
The antlers fall off because at one point during the year, the animal's body cut off the blood supply to them, and the tissues in the antlers die.
Elk start to loose their antlers in mid-January; those in better physical condition
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