When Do I Need to Send Cards so It Arrives in Time for Christmas?


To avoid the Christmas rush, it is advised to send them a week or two prior to Christmas day.
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I would send Christmas cards no later then the second week of December. That's just to insure that it gets there on time. If sending it out of the country I always aim for the first
1. Mail your cards out well before Christmas to be sure they get there on time. 2. Remember that the post office is swamped and will be rushing delivery on December 24 and not delivering
Homemade cookies and Christmas sweets are a wonderful and thoughtful gift for family and friends who live far away. Because cookies are fragile, special care is needed when shipping
1. Choose a good design. You could get the Classic 'Red Robin' card, or opt for something different like a Christmas tree, Angel, Santa, ETC. 2. If you get a card with a message,
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