When does a pear tree fruit?


The majority of pear trees will produce fruit within the fourth to sixth year of growth. The rate is based on the tree's age, the type of pear tree, the climate, care provided to the tree and any pests or disease infecting the tree.

The time it takes for a pear tree to produce fruit depends on the tree's rate of growth. If a pear tree grows too quickly due to over-fertilization  or too slowly due to under-fertilization  fruit production will be delayed. Once fruit does begin to grow on the tree, it takes approximately two months for it to become ripe enough to pick, but this figure is also based on the variety of the pear tree.

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When Do Pear Trees Fruit?
Pears are a temperate-climate tree fruit related to the apple. They grow throughout the United States, in all but the hottest and coldest regions. Harvest time for pears can vary significantly, depending on the type of tree, its age, and the climate in... More »
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