When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes?


A puppies eyes open anywhere from 10 - 14 days after birth (during this period their vision is very poor). Towards the end of the third week the puppies ears open, vision improves and the pup develops a sense of smell.
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Their eyes actully open within a few days.
Typically puppy eyes open around 12-14 days but if eyes are not open by 3 weeks talk to
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Puppies open their eyes 7 days to 2 weeks after birth. It depends on breed and the puppies themselves.
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The answer is somewhere between seven days to two weeks after birth. It varies a bit, based on breed and on the puppies themselves.
Puppies start to open their eyes between 5 to10 days after they are born. The puppies sight is the first sense that they get. Their hearing is the next sense a puppy gets.
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