When Do Puppies Start Walking?


Puppies will start walking between the age of three to seven weeks. Around this time, he will also start having his first teeth or set of teeth. You can find more information here: http://www.dog-names.org.uk/puppy-behavior-growth-development.htm
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Puppies need a few days to get accustomed to their collar. Flat, nylon buckle collars are lightweight and inexpensive, which make them a good choice for your puppy's first collar.
1. Check that your collar and leash are appropriate. A good choice is a simple nylon leash and collar - avoid collars that can cause injury, like choke or prong collars, and pick
As soon as the puppy is able to walk upright on all fours. This gives you the time to let the pup get used to a collar and leash. If the pup is uncooperative use food in the form
You should expect your pup to be attempting to walk around 3-5 weeks. If the pup is
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Puppies start to bark at the age of between three to five weeks old. At this age, they are also able to see, hear and smell. The puppies begin to interact with ...
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