When do We Turn the Clocks Back?


If you live in the United States and you don't want to be late for church, you'd better turn your clock back on November 1, 2009. Keep in mind, some cellphone providers do it automatically!
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Daylight Saving Time began on Sunday March 9, 2014 (set clocks forward 1 hour). It ends Sunday November 2, 2014 (set clocks back 1 hour).
Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the practice of advancing clocks so that there is more daylight in the afternoon hours. It is not observed in Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Arizona.
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october 31,2010.
It's always at 2 am on the last Sunday in October. This year it's the 28th.
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In the UK, the clocks are changed by an hour on two occasions. On the last Sunday of March an hour is added that leads to what is called British Summer Time. The ...
When you turn your clocks back depends on where you live. The date was recently changed in the United States, and many countries are trying to get rid of it completely ...
Clocks are set back an hour during fall. As the UK will be on BST (British Summer Time), we will change our clocks at 2 am on Sunday 31 October. ...
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