When do You Stop Wearing Linen?


You stop wearing linen typically in the spring and summer seasons. Usually during the summer and spring time, people are bringing out there more lighter wardrobes such as silks, halter tops and lighter cottons.
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1. Select a style that is fits away from the body. Linen fabric has no stretching abilities, therefore it is best to pick a style that doesn't hug the skin. While it doesn't have
white. or another colour, so long you have the same colour accessories ie. hat and tie, necklace or scarf.
Linen is one of the most desired clothing choices in hot tropical zones in the
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Linen can be worn year round if you are in a warmer or tropical climate. It is very popular in warmer climates for suits and dresses because it provides coverage without the weight.
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It is generally okay to wear linen during warm weather. Some people consider it to be a big fashion faux pas to wear light color or pastel linens any time other ...
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