When Do You Use a Colon?


In English you use a colon when you list things. For example some of the things I like are: pizza, movies, books, painting and dogs. In the world of Science, a colon is the organ that helps you to release waste material from your body.
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The colon is actually the large intestine within the body. The large intestine starts at the lower right side of a person's body and bends around under the liver to the left side
Certain types of colonics can damage the rectum, although this effect is rare. Others, have experienced amoebiasis from using colonic equipment that was not properly sterilized. Many
Management of Colorectal Cancer Treatment and outcome of rectal cancer depend upon the stage of the cancer. Staging of rectal cancer is based upon how far the cancer has penetrated
1. Keep track of triggers. Many people with IBS find that certain foods or conditions make their symptoms worse. By keeping track of what you've eaten, what you've done and what your
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Colons are generally used to divide a sentence, and let the reader know that what follows will be a list or quotation. It can also be used to separate another ...
Miriam Colon Valle August 20 , 1936 in Ponce, Puerto Rico ...
Miriam Colon Valle August 20 , 1936 in Ponce, Puerto Rico ...
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