When does a Check Become Stale?


A check become stale or expires six months after the date is was written. At such time, the check can no longer be cashed and the bank refuse to cash it.
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A check usually becomes stale after six months. The banks are not obligated to cash a check that is more than 6 months old, however check with your bank to learn their policies. You can find out more information here: www.law.cornell.edu
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A "stale" check is a check that is six months or more past the date of issue. Banks define the viable life of a check to make accounting easier for the bank and for customers
usually six months.
Presented to the paying bank six months or more after the original issue date. Banks are not required by the Uniform Commercial Code to honor stale-dated checks and can return them
A check becomes stale dated six months after written. At that time
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A check will become stale dated within approximately 6 months. The stale date means the bank will not recognize the check. The check should be cashed in as soon ...
A check is said to be stale dated after a period of six months has passed from the date that is on the check. It is not considered to be an invalid check but it ...
Some checks are good for 180 days depending on the institution. Most others are good for one year. Some banks have the option of paying or returning a stale ...
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