When Does Deer Hunting Season Start?


Deer hunting season is an annual event celebrated by countless people every fall. The easiest way, if you know where you'll be hunting, is to look at the season dates by county. Take Texas for example, it is effective on September 1, 2008.
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i think the archery starts on 11/7/08, the rifle on 11/14/08 - but to be sure check the Wisconsin DNR web site.
Depending on the area and type of deer or license, hunting in
Counties in Texas are divided into north and south hunting zone regions. For the general hunting season, 208 counties are in the North Zone, 30 are in the South Zone. Hunters who
Deer season starts October 18th in Georgia. There is a bag limit of 12 per season. Text us 24/7. report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 02:06PM EST. Source:
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The deer hunting season varies from state to state. You must call the state games warden to check for your state. In North Carolina the season is from September thru December every year.
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