When during Your Pregnancy Does Your Stomach Drop?


A woman's stomach 'drops' late in the third trimester of pregnancy near the time when labor is about to begin. This happens due to the baby shifting positions in the womb, moving its head down into the woman's pelvis.
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The dropping of the cervix is called "shortening" of the cervix. It will
id really depends. when the cervix opens, it is called dialating. for example, i was due April 19th. however, march 29th i was dialated to 3 cm. in my case, i had my baby that day
It all depends on the person. Me, being a bigger girl, I didn't start showing until around 22-24 weeks. However, I know some girls that started showing at 12 weeks. Either way, congratulations
Back pain is experienced by 50 to 70 percent of pregnant women.
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The baby usually begins to drop to the lower area of the stomach during the 36th week of pregnancy. Some women experience this earlier or later in the pregnancy.
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