When Is a Coconut Ripe?


A coconut is ripe when it reaches full size and you go up and wiggle it and hear fluid by shaking it gently. You will need to saw the coconut off. The outer husk will still most likely be green. Once you remove the outer husk you will have a great coconut to eat.
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1. Examine the thick outer husk of the coconut if it is still attached. The husk of a young coconut is green and turns yellow to dark tan as it ripens. The husk of a mature coconut
cocunuts are ripe.
The coconut layers start with an outer shell that is smooth and ivory or gray when ripe.
Very hard to tell until it's cut open. The only reliable way requires climbing the tree. Cut a single coconut from a cluster. Chop it open and inspect. If your happy with what you
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A coconut can be eaten even before it is ripe and the milk is sweet. When the coconut has already turned green is when it is starting to ripen. After the green stage the outer shell will turn brown. At this stage it is ripe. It will continue to ripen & become over ripe as long as it's on the tree and starts to germinate.
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