When Is a Papaya Ready to Eat?


When a papaya has a musky, yet sweet smell it is ready to eat. Ripe papayas will be slightly firm to the touch. Another way to determine if the fruit is ripe is to check the base where the stem is. If it is yellow in color, it is ready.
Q&A Related to "When Is a Papaya Ready to Eat?"
Pick up a papaya in the market and smell it: It should be slightly musky and sweet in aroma. Be sure to smell it near the base, where the stem was once attached; this will yield the
when the skin of the papaya is start to change in color.
1. Pick local fruit. As with all fruit, papaya is the best when locally grown and picked. If it is available in your area, pick or purchase it for the best taste. If not, try to choose
The best time to eat papaya fruit is when it begins to acquire a
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