When Is an Eternity Ring Given?


Eternity rings symbolise of everlasting love and there is no precise occasion for which to give them. They are frequently given to celebrate an anniversary or Other special event such as the birth of a first born child.
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1. Size your eternity ring to fit the third finger of your left hand. This should be the same finger on which you wear your wedding and engagement rings. 2. Decide which of your rings
Some couples choose to mark the 1st born, or even 1st born son by the giving of an eternity ring. Others choose 10th Anniversary. May be personalised.
An. eternity ring. refers to a couple's unending love for each other and may be given for a special anniversary, renewing your vows or truly, any time that a couple wants to make
As I understand it, the official De Beers position is that this is a tenth anniversary gift. Others say De Beers originally positioned it for the first anniversary. Many eternity
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Eternity rings could be described as dress (or best) wedding rings. The common feature of all eternity rings is that they are stone set, often with diamonds. Most eternities symbolise the continuation of the man's love for his wife so it can be given as an anniversary gift.
The tradition of the eternity ring dates back as far as 2000 BC to the ancient Egyptians. An eternity ring is usually given at a significant anniversary. Many men present their wife it to celebrate the first year of their marriage or the birth of a first child.
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Eternity rings are commonly given on significant anniversaries such as the 25th or 50th year of marriage. Eternity rings represent everlasting love and are a popular ...
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