When was "High School Musical 4" released?


As of 2014, "High School Musical 4" has never been released. Though star Zac Efron recently stated publicly that he and others would very much consider a fourth release, no plans have been set in place as of yet.

According to the Disney Channel, "High School Musical" made its television debut on Jan. 20, 2006. "High School Musical 2" followed in 2007, and became the highest-rated Disney Channel movie ever, with more than 17 million viewers. The series then moved to the big screen in 2008, with the final installment, "High School Musical 3: Senior Year" setting a theatrical record for the biggest opening weekend for a musical film ever.

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A date has not been released yet as of now they are hoping to release it in November of this year. All Disney is saying as of now is that it will be released in 2010. Source: Wikipedia
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