When is santa claus birthday?


Santa Claus is said to represent Saint Nicholas of 245 AD. The exact date of his birth is unknown. He died in 350 AD in Lycia, Anatolia which is now considered Turkey.
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Actually he died on December 6. His actual birthday is not known for sure. He was born some time around 280. He died December 6, 343. Edit: It is rumored that his birthday was oddly
December 6th is St. Nicholas birthday!
In July, the celebration is never overshadowed by Christmas. I think it's July 25th but I might be wrong.
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Santa Claus was born in The North Pole.
Also known as: St. Nicholas; Kris Kringle; Father ChristmasSanta Claus is the mythical figure who delivers toys to children around the world each year on Christmas Eve. According to legend, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole and oversees a toy workshop r... More>>
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