When is the best time to visit Switzerland?


The Swiss summer lasts from June to September and offers travelers the most pleasant climate for outdoor activities. The peak tourist season falls between July and August. This is when the prices are generally highest for accommodations and the resorts are fully booked.

In addition to providing the best deals, the months on either side of summer offer a moderate climate and less people. Lonely Planet explains that there are good reasons to visit different parts of the country at any time of year. Switzerland is a mountainous region with rapid elevation changes, creating numerous micro-climates in relatively small geographic areas, allowing the traveler to experience a diverse range of temperatures and weather year-round.

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Switzerland is really nice in the early summer months if you are interested in water sports like canyoning and white water rafting. The weather is 70-80s and the water level is good
It really depends on what you're after visiting. If you're out for the most comfortable experience, follow the advice others have written as well as what any guidebook will tell you
1. Visit Hawaii in April, May, September or October for the best weather conditions. The hotels are cheaper in April through December. December through February is tourist season.
The canton of Bern is fantastic all year round, and fits every body's needs. If you like the city scene and lots of shopping, stay in the city of Bern. There are also lots of art
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