When Is the Best Time to Harvest Grapes?


Many growers make the mistake of harvesting their grapes before they are ready. This tends to ruin the entire crop and leads to wastage in terms of money and effort. The best time to harvest grapes would be when their color changes significantly from green to purple and when the size of the grapes ceases to increase. However, each variety of grapes has different harvesting periods.
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In September they are sweeter than if you pick them in August.in California)
The Marechal Foch grape matures as early as mid-August in some growing areas such as Iowa. Actual dates of the harvest vary depending on the climate of the region and the actual weather
It depends on what kind of wine you are planning on making. For example, to make "ice wine" you would wait until the first freeze, and then harvest the grapes.
The best time to prune trees is after winter season or closer to spring season. Well this time of the year is perfect because it is not too hot to stay in the sun to prune the trees
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If you want to know when is the best time to harvest grapes, you need to be aware when grapes mature. They have to be mature before you can harvest them. They usually mature from late August to late October. You can find more information at www.chanticleerwine.com
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