When Is the Best Time to Mate a Dog?


A basic knowledge of the bitch's oestrus cycle is vital for determining the best time to mate. There are four distinct phases to the cycle: pro-oestrus, oestrus, met-oestrus and anoestrus. Read more on the link: http://www.denes.co.uk/advice/fact_sheets/breeding_dog.php
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When you are mating dogs you will want to make sure the female is in heat. Once you know your female is in heat you will want to put the male and female in a shared area. You will
1. Bring your dog to the veterinarian for a checkup, and let your vet know that you plan to breed the dog. Get all vaccinations and certification records from your vet and from the
1 Know the signs when the bitch is ready to breed: When the dog is curving her tail to the side when you scratch her backside, and the blood changes to a lighter / darker color and
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The best time to mate your bitch is when the dog is around six to eight months old. The first sign will be when the dog is removing slight discharge or white or ...
The ideal time to mate your dog is when she is two years. The bitch is bred after it has had three seasons. Other factors determining best mating time are the ...
My dog is ready to mate when proestal bleeding starts. When proestal bleeding starts, mark the 11th date taking into account individual variations and put the ...
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