When is the deer rut in Florida?


The peak rutting period for white-tail deer throughout Florida is between October and December. Depending on latitude, Floridian deer may breed all year long or only during autumn and winter, with a peak in breeding activity state-wide in the fall.

Northern Florida counties such as Nassau have ruts that begin in October. This follows the pattern of deer breeding found in northern states, as deer breeding is linked to shortening lengths of daylight as fall turns to winter. However, more southern latitudes do not have dramatic differences in daylight length, also called photoperiod. Therefore, deer in the southern-most parts of the state may breed year round. Although photoperiod has less influence on their rut, even southern Florida deer see a peak in activity in the summer and fall.

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This should help. . . http://share2.myfwc.com/FWCDMSG/Shared%20Documents/Presentations/Presentations/DMU_Update_20070810_v2.pdf.
Check with the State parks and Wildlife website for your state. They will have an estimated time line for when rut season starts and tips for hunting.
There are three phases to to the white-tailed deer rutting season. The seeking phase,the chasing phase,and the breeding phase.The 35th latitude is the dividing line between the north
You can tell when white-tailed deer in northern Florida
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