When Is the Devil's Birthday?


There may or may not be a specific day designated as the Devil's birthday. It may depend on your culture or spiritual beliefs. Some people believe that Halloween is connected to the Devil or celebrates the Devil in some ways. Other people don't believe in the Devil or don't believe there is a day that is the Devil's birthday. The Devil is part of many different religions around the world in various forms or ideas.
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Actually his bday is on Halloween because Halloween is about spirts and witch craft! Actually the Devil is not human, he's a fallen angel,so he wasn't born. He has no birthday.
Many people believe Halloween is Satan's birthday, but it never has been. It has
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same day as yours. Thats why none of the cool people show up to your parties. (ok... just a joke...dont break out the
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Satan was born in ?.
Satan, or the Devil, plays various evil roles in ancient and modern literature and in Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Zoroastrian religious traditions. Satan is an opponent of God and of those seeking to do God's will. "He" is often described... More>>
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