When Is the Next Asteroid Predicted to Hit Earth?


It is predicted that a very humongous 400-meter asteroid is set to pass by the planet Earth on13th April 2029. Since the distance between it and the earth cannot be determined yet, it is quite difficult to predict the kind of impact it will have on the earth and human existence. The odds keep changing from one day to the next and the scientists are keeping track of it.
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At present (May 2011) no asteroids are predicted to hit the Earth, at least not in the next hundred years, and possibly not even then. Past possible encounters - 2002 NT7. [See related
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory calculated that there is a
Asteroid 2003 QQ47 could hit earth on March 21, 2014, but the chances of that are 1 in 909,000! It's highly unlikely an asteroid will hit Earth anytime soon!
We'd almost certainly know this MORE than a week in advance. With a longer period of preparation, I'm sure many individuals and governments would invest significant resources in trying
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An asteroid is a petite rocky mass orbiting the sun. A near Earth asteroid was revealed and predictions were made that it would pass near earth or even collide on 13th April, 2029. The probability of the 400 meter asteroid crashing with Earth stands at 1 out of 300.
It is predicted that an asteroid will hit the planet earth in the year 2028. The chances of the earth being hit by bodies in the solar system are however very small since the earth is small compared to the rest of the solar system.
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Scientists believe that a massive asteroid called 1999 RQ36 might crash into Earth in the year 2182. Another group of scientists believe that a different asteroid ...
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