When Is the Next New Moon?


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Current astronomy report for Ashburn, VA
Sunrise: 5:54am
Sunset: 8:36pm
Full Moon
Full Moon
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Venus was very close to the Moon for the last couple of nights, Tonight, the Moon will have moved away, far enough that they won't look all that close.
While there are many robotic moon missions planned in the near future (ex: China's Chang'e 3 mission in 2013), the next manned mission to moon is expected to be by India in the year
September 4th is the next full moon it is on a Friday. October's full moon is also on the
Tonight the planet Jupiter is at the moon's right; We have a last
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The next new moon will be on august 03 2010
The next New Moon will occur on Sunday, February 14th 2010, Valentine's Day. The term New Moon refers to the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon lies between Earth and the Sun, in its' monthly orbital path around the Earth.
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A new moon occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon are lined up so that the Moon is directly in between the Earth and the Sun. ...
A red moon happens during the total portion of a lunar eclipse if atmospheric conditions are right. As of today, January 16, 2013, then next total lunar eclipse ...
The planet that will be next to the moon will depend on the phase of the moon. The bright planet next to the moon can be Mars which has been seen going close to ...
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