When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?


Traditionally, Nordstrom department store holds its annual Anniversary Sale in July. It is best to join the store's email announcement list to find out the exact date when the sale begins.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is eagerly anticipated by consumers each year. As soon as the sale begins, shoppers who joined the store's rewards program have up to 10 days to purchase discounted fall line items before the general public.

According to Nordstrom's website, in addition to its Anniversary Sale, the store holds four Half-Yearly Sales. During these sales, shoppers find discounted items for women and children in May and November. Men's items go on sale in the months of June and December.

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Anniversary Sale starts Friday, July 17 and ends Sunday, August 2. This event
july 14-july 31 depending on which store, they usually have extended hours for the
Saturday May 9th.
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2009 Must-Haves. by Monique Hankins on July 27, 2009 | comment. Every year, Nordstrom holds their amazing anniversary sale with beauty exclusives that are
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