When is the rut season for whitetail deer in Georgia?


The rut season, or breeding season, for whitetail deer in Georgia takes place from October to January. The peak of rut activity generally takes place sometime in November depending on weather, daily temperature and other factors.

The gestation period for whitetail deer is 200 days. Thus, most fawns are born between May and August, with the peak occurring during June. Most fawns are weaned within three months of birth and begin living on their own in the autumn. After another year of development, most whitetail deer are ready to breed. Yearling does typically give birth to one fawn, while older does usually give birth to twins.

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In the Fall, normaly late October or early November.
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There are three phases to to the white-tailed deer rutting season. The seeking phase,the chasing phase,and the breeding phase.The 35th latitude is the dividing line between the north
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