How much pruning do Victoria plum trees need?


Victoria plum trees require pruning in summer time as opposed to winter time which exposes the buds to harsh winter conditions and also to reduce the risk of silver leaf diseases. Summer pruning encourages development of bushy growth which is more manageable.
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In April time, thinning the branches then will help to stop the tree overproducing plums, ironic I know but especially in a good year when frost doesn't damage the blossom there is
The first time a plum tree should be pruned is at the time of planting. If the young tree already has healthy branches about 18 to 30 inches above soil level, keep about four scaffold
The best time to prune trees is after winter season or closer to spring season. Well this time of the year is perfect because it is not too hot to stay in the sun to prune the trees
well plums start to blom in summer so once they are purple and a little soft that's when you should do it i hope this has helped.
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