When Is the Wallmart in Whitecourt Going to Get Gossip Girl Season 3 on DVD?


To find out when the Wal-Mart in Whitecourt will be getting Gossip Girl season 3 on dvd, you should go to the store and ask to speak to a manager. They should have a list of what they will be getting and when.
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Gossip Girl is now on Season 3. It has not ended yet. The season does not end until May 2010!
GG season 3 aint even finished yet... its up to 17th ep of Season 3 now and S3 ends in 24 eps so.. umm.. wait till it finishes... around 60
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The Wal-Mart in Whitecourt should have Gossip Girl Season 3 in stock by now. Gossip Girl Season 3 came out on DVD on August 24, 2010, so if they do not have it ...
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