When should a driver use high beams and low beams?


Drivers should use high beams on dark rural roads with no other cars in front of them. They should use low beams at night in highly populated areas and during the day in adverse weather conditions. In all other instances, it is unnecessary to turn on the car's headlights at all.

A car's headlights usually have two basic settings: high beams and low beams. As the name suggests, high beams give off greater light than low beams, and they allow drivers to see farther in front of the car. Because of this, high beams should be used at night on poorly lit roads to avoid hitting animals and other objects that may cross the path of the car. However, high beams can be blinding and distracting to other drivers on the road, so they should only be used when there are no other cars close. High beams should also not be used in fog or heavy rain, because the brighter light may reflect off the water droplets and have a blinding effect on the driver. Because driving conditions change rather quickly, drivers can easily switch between high beams and low beams depending on the weather, the road and other constantly changing driving situations.

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1. Check with your local DMV to ensure that HID lights are legal in your locality. HID bulbs have been outlawed in some areas because the intense light they emit can temporarily blind
Fuse or dimmer switch is the only answer i can think of if lights come on but just won't go from high to low or visa versa.
body ground! if your uncertain check the other light use a tester and check the other light for is ground connection with your cars body/frame.
1. Check your fuses. The plastic panel covering the fuses should have a diagram detailing what each fuse covers. If yours is missing, or unlabeled, check your owner's manual, or a
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The best rule of thumb when it comes to determining when to dim high beams is that a driver should turn headlights to low when he sees another car's headlights ...
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