When should azaleas be pruned?


Learning when azaleas should be pruned will ensure they grow their best. The best time to prune azaleas is when they have completely finished flowering. Remove individual branches back to where they are joined by a branch that is larger. Never prune the plant after the middle of June, as this could result in less flowering. Remove any dead branches or wilting leaves in the late summer. Azaleas should never be sheared, as this will cause unhealthy twig grown in the plants.
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The optimum time for pruning your azaleas is early spring, before the plants begin showing signs of new growth, the Azalea Society of America reports. When you prune your plants,
I don't prune azaleas! Let them be what the want to be! If there are dead branches - those can be pruned at any time. If you MUST prune back because you can't allow it to get bigger
Apparently now is the time to do it.or maybe a couple of weeks ago.
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You should prune azaleas in June or July. You should stop pruning by the first of August. If you live in the south you can stop pruning later in August. You can find more information at www.rhododendron.org
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