When should I cut back my peonies?


Peonies should be cut back before the first frost hits. Because climates vary widely, so do proper times for cutting, but when done at least one inch of the plant should be left above ground.
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1. Remove spent blooms during the growing season, which in most growing areas is mid-spring to early or mid-summer. Pull the dead flowers from the stem with your hands, or snip the
I'm not sure which region you live in, but if it is a wintering region, you would cut the peonies back in the fall when you cut back your other plants, before the frost hits. Leave
Cut back peony folliage in the fall, after the leaves lose their green color. Don't cut back any perennial to the ground just because flowering stops. The leaves are still producing
Brenda, The Bleeding Heart can be divided and planted any time because they are typically planted in a shady area,so the hot summer sun shouldn't hurt them.Divide them after the sun
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What Time of Year Should I Cut Back Peonies?
Peonies are large perennial flowers that require maintenance to keep the blooms coming year to year. Perennials grow again each year and do not need to be replaced in the spring unless the winter was particularly harsh. Peonies are a popular wedding... More »
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Peonies are strong plants that grow either in the form of trees or medium sized shrubs. The perfect time to cut back the peonies would be during winters. Wait for it to snow for a couple of days and then cut your peonies to the ground. They will grow back once the season changes. Other than that, prune the peonies during other seasons to keep them healthy.
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