When should you fertilize roses?


Roses should be fertilized with a granular fertilizer every four to six weeks during the growing season, suggests Heirloom Roses, a supplier. The first application of fertilizer should go on when the plant ceases to be dormant, shows new growth and produces at least five leaves.

The last application of fertilizer should go on about eight weeks prior to the anticipated date of the first frost in cold climates. This allows the roses to harden off and avoid damage. A granular fertilizer works slowly over several weeks, but a liquid fertilizer is appropriate for roses that show signs of distress, Heirloom Roses notes.

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Anytime after the first leafs are leafed out but before the bush fully leafs out for the spring / summer. Source(s): grown roses for years
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When to Fertilize Roses
Fertilizer for rose bushes contains three primary ingredients: nitrogen to stimulate green growth, phosphorus to increase flower production and root growth, and potassium to help the plants resist disease and cold. If you have properly prepared soil for... More »
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